KleanFast - AE Project Organizer

KleanFast is a single button that will sort your entire After Effects project.

With KleanFast, your AE file will be sorted into master comps, precomps, footage files, audio files, and solids. It even makes sub folders if your file structure is complicated enough!

Never worry about being organized again! With KleanFast, you can just keep working. Click the clean button whenever your project gets a little too messy.


- Creates folder structure for you - Smart enough to make sub-folders when needed - Finds and sorts your master comps - Finds and sorts your precomps - Finds and sorts your footage files - Finds and sorts your audio files - Finds and sorts nulls & solids - Removes unused folders so you never have to think

Why does KleanFast exist?

Have you ever opened a messy old AE file and thought ”...Why?” Yeah, me too! KleanFast fixes that by simply keeping your files organized.

Who is KleanFast for?

KleanFast is for anyone who works with other mograph designers, anyone who sends clients their project files, anyone who might work with their own files later, and anyone who doesn’t hate themselves.

You got better things to do. Don’t waste time on the boring stuff!

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