Explosion is a collection of sound effects for easy operation. There are 5 options for the sound effect. Set to FADE to shorten the sample length. Explosion useds for games, videos, background, advertising, internet applications, slideshows, movies, transitions, animation, educational videos, blogs, radio, television, theatrical productions and performances, intro, outro, mix, multimedia, logos, trailers, Youtube, Vimeo, show, representation, Motion Videos, After Effects, etc. As an element of game, infographic, flat animation, advertisements, slideshows, videos, movies and applications.

MP3 and WAV files in ZIP. Wave 44.1kHz / 16bit, MP3 320 kbps. 1. Explosion 1 (0:12) 2. Explosion 2 (0:10) 3. Explosion 3 (0:11) 4. Explosion 4 (0:10) 5. Explosion 5 (0:11)

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