EDM Energy Electro

This is energy, futuristic, fashion, gaming, melodic, glitched electronic music for your best video project. Enjoy, Eeeeeee boy!

Prewiev track time is: 4:31
Trtack List ZIP Size is: 53.5 MB
128 BPM

Included Variations (all provided in both WAV / MP3 format):

1. EDM Energy Electro – 1:52

2. Logo 1 – 0:09

3. EDM Energy Electro Version 1 – 0:54

4. EDM Energy Electro Version 2 – 0:55

5. EDM Energy Electro Version 3 – 0:40

Thanks you for listening support and purchasing!

To all videohive authors:

You are welcome to use any of my preview tracks in your video items. (please, do not forget to link to the music in your description, and drop me back e-mail, so I could update my

item description too with the link to your item).


Warmest Regards!

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